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Trip report AWOL 2017 - Pixie

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As I ponder my last trip to Hedo I ask myself “What makes AWOL so special?” Most definitely the people. The familiarity, even if you just met, all it takes is a dog tag around your neck or a blue hat on and you are instantly my friend. The acceptance of peeps, no matter if your desires align with theirs or not, you are part of the AWOL family.

The joy of enjoying happy, fun times together is unbeatable. I sometimes question if there is an expiry date on participating in such fun? Is there a point where you don’t want to do it anymore? Is there a place in your life where you don’t need it? After careful thought, I always come back with the same answer NO. No expiry, no age limit, no maximum quota of fun in your life. As long as I breathe, I think I will be returning to Hedo and AWOL is a huge part of my love for the place.

As some of you know, I went to Hedo 5 days early this year. The vibe of the resort, pre AWOL, is different. There are friendly folks and I met some great new friends but the groups just don’t have the same open arm, welcoming aura to them. I also have to mention that AWOL is famous. In the previous week, I listened as guests bestowed what they had heard about AWOL and how they were thinking about changing their week next year. Once I told them that I was an AWOL member, I was grilled with questions and inevitably the question – “Is it really as awesome as we have heard?” And the simple answer is YES. It is all that and more.

As my 5 days transpired and other AWOL members started to arrive I could feel the vibe change. AWOL definitely brings it’s own loving atmosphere and the fun vibe heightens. You can tell when this crazy bunch of fun loving people are in the house. I believe that the Entertainment Staff feels the same, because once AWOL started to show up they really brought their game to the pool. The party really did get started once AWOL arrived. After all, “there ain’t no party like an AWOL party!!” We are so fortunate that Rick and Ivy had a vision and founded this group 10 years ago and we are so very blessed that Jamie and Leslie and Jamie and Tonya work tirelessly to ensure that our vacations are the very best that they can be. The activities that they plan so we can all come together as a group, the comradery that they foster and the love that they share for each one of us is irreplaceable. I cannot thank them enough for all that they do.