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Words From Mike About AWOL

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Good morning fellow AWOLers

Before the sweet hangover of the trip home fades away, I wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you. And especially our hosts, co-hosts, founders, and long term members who have helped create the group we know and love today.

Michelle and I don't get to travel like we used to (damn responsibility...), but we make sure to carve out time for a Hedo trip. Finding this group in '16 was amazing. You welcomed us w open arms (and legs, and mouths!) guaranteeing our return this year and for years to cum!

With a group this large we might not have spent a lot of time with all of you, I can only hope to share more shenanigans in the future!

You are truly a family we got to choose!

Bethann and Randy, Mike and Diana, Melissa and any others that may have missed '17, we can't wait to see you back next year.

Oh and if anyone has any outfit requests for Glitter Tits aka Michelle T, let me know. I'm already scheming for new ideas!