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Trip report AWOL 2017 - Lisa

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Once again a group virgin, I decided to try out a new July week with the AWOL group. Arriving on Fridays tends to avoid some airport chaos and I get to see my peeps from the previous group week (insert happy dance here). For once I had no security line at BWI and once at MBJ, they directed me to the kiosks and I was out at baggage in 15 minutes. The Sun Holiday shuttle gal recognizes me nowadays, so I was soon sitting on the shuttle that would take me ‘home’.

Once there, Michael welcomed me and I was in a room in no time. I always ask for a room near the dining room since dinnertime is when I tend to go back and forth more often. They put me in the last room down from the spa near the tennis courts which was great. I tossed my stuff in the room and safe before going down to the pool to see my peeps and get my fav grilled cheese with tomato that seems to taste the best there (yum!). Next thing I know, I am literally pounced on with what I call the H2 hug (arms and legs wrapped around) by my new and awesome AWOL hostess with the mostess Leslie along with Jamie an equally amazing host.
The day seemed to be an a-- day. Several peeps grabbed mine as a welcome and then an EC (entertainment coordinator) said that I had a firm one for a white gal. LOL!
That night I noticed some staff who have been promoted to new positions:
Denva is the restaurant manager
Sheldon is a bar supervisor
Diana is the EC supervisor
The food is very good and for those who like a bit of flava – it has some very good seasoning (especially when Jamaican food is served). I tended to eat lunch up top (due to rainy times some days) and Love mixing the chocolate bread pudding in the hot server with soft serve ice-cream. Once again – Yum! 
Entertainment is good with a mix of ECs, Stephanie in the piano bar on Monday and Wednesdays and then out in the courtyard on Fridays. Peter Lloyd is brought in to perform on Jamaica night (Monday) and my continuing favorite dining room performance being Wednesday’s fetish night.
This week the 2 larger groups were AWOL and the YSW. As always, what you do during the week and who you hang with is up to you. The mix seemed to work well with friendly competition during daytime games. Only thing I noted that was kinda odd was the YSW necklace status colors are not intuitive unless you are part of that group. Usually red is stop or monogamous and green is go or LS. In this case “GREEN is for were open minded and RED is full swap situational”. Some members I talked to were not in the LS and there wasn’t a color for them. Otherwise, I chatted and hung out with everyone as I always do until usually 3-4am.
Summer months are a lot warmer and more humid than winter ones. This trip was no exception and even locals and those who are never too warm were this time. The AC unit in my room wasn’t working as well as it could when I arrived and quit after a few nights. Ended up having 3 guys in my room later that night .....maintenance who defrosted the unit and afterwards it worked so well I even turned it off at night a few times (new AC remote controls are very handy). You know it’s hot when the pool is so full of peeps that the water goes over the table level, rain and even thunder makes peeps look and continue to party, gals loudly faked O’s while assuming the position in front of the piano bar AC unit (AC is almost betta than...) and being told that hand fans are ‘gold’.